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John E. Foster

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Pakistan J. Zool., vol. 48(6), pp. 1623-1626, 2016.


Copyright 2016 Zoological Society of Pakistan. Used by permission.


False flax, German sesame and Siberian oilseed are the names used for oil seed crop, Camelina sativa L. Crantz of the family Brassicaceae. Camelina sativa is a flexible, summer annual oilseed crop that can be raised in different climatic and soil conditions. The objectives of this study were to test the efficacy of different insecticides against aphid, Lipaphis erysimi on Canadian and Australian Camelina sativa varieties. Insecticides were tested at their field recommended doses using knapsack sprayer. The data on adult mortality of Lipaphis erysimi were recorded after 24, 48, 72, 96 and 120 h. Acetamiprid and mospilon were found more effective in controlling aphid. For Canadian variety, after 5 days of application, maximum mortality was recorded for acetamiprid (98.70%) while least was observed for diafenthiuron (53.52%). In case of Australian camelina, maximum mortality (98.26%) of aphid were found using acetamiprid. Acetamiprid was the most effective insecticide to control aphid in both varieties of Camelina sativa.

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