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SIMIENTE, Vol. 57, Nr. 4 (1987), pp. 214-219.


Copyright 1987 Jaime E. Araya and John E. Foster. Used by permission.


Diverse parameters of the life cycle of Rhopalosiphum padi (L.), maintained on leaf sections of healthy or BYDV (PA V strain)·infected wheat and oat plants, were compared in the laboratory at 18 ± 1 C. The aphids reared on infected ",heat leaf sections had a shorter lifespan and adult Jife (P<= 0.05) than on uninfected wbeat (23.7 and 27.5 days for lifespan, and 17.9 and 21.4 days for adult life, respectively). Tbe BYDV-infection on wheat (cvs. 'Abe' and 'Caldwell') increased (P<= 0.05) the reproductive ability of the aphid from 73.9 to 78.1 nymphs per female (5.9 to 6.5 nymphs per day during the reproductive period). No significant dilTerences were detected when using oa15 (cvs. 'ClintIand 64' and 'Porter').

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