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Palizada. S.A., B. Tiroesele, D.B. Kondidie, M.I. Ullah, E. Mustafa, T.E. Hunt, P.L. Clark, J. Molina-Ochoa, S.R. Skoda and J.E. Foster, 2014. Minute pirate bug (Orius insidiosus SAY) populations on transgenic and non-transgenic maize using different sampling techniques. Pak. Entomol., 36(1): 1-6.


Copyright 2014 the authors. Used by permission.


Field experiments were conducted to evaluate the populations of minute pirate bug [Orius insidiosus (Say)] using visual, sticky cards and destructive sampling techniques in transgenic and non-transgenic maize in three locations in Nebraska (Mead, Clay Center. and Concord) United States of America. during 2007 and 2008 . All sampling methods revealed significant counts of O. insidiosus on CP4 EPSPS maize plus an insecticide application for control of first generation O. nubilalis at R2 (blister) sampling period. Similarly, visual observations of O. insidiosus on Cry1Ab x Cry3Bb1 x CP4 EPSPS maize yielded significantly higher mean adult counts at R2 (blister) sampling period tor both years while, sticky cards and destructive sampling methods gave significant counts during 2007 and 2008, respectively. During both sampling periods (R1 and R2), mean adult counts of O. insidiosus differ significantly among the three sites at Mead. Clay Center, and Concord. Nebraska. Results from this research show that Cry1Ab maize, Cry1Ab x CP4 EPSPS maize. Cry1Ab x Cry3Bb1 x CP4 EPSPS maize, and CP4 EPSPS maize had no significant effects on O. insidiosus population abundance compared to CP4 EPSPS maize treated with insecticides.

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