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Journal of Economic Entomology 50:3 (June 1957), pp. 255–256.

doi: 10.1093/jee/50.3.255


Copyright © 1957 Entomological Society of America; published by Oxford University Press. Used by permission.


Weaver & Haynes (1955) described a method of placement of insecticides in bands under red clover seed that achieved control of the clover root borer, Hylastinus obscurus (Marsh.). Band placement was as effective at 0.75 pound of toxicant per acre as broadcast treatments at 1 pound or more as reported by Gyrisco et al. (1954) and App & Everly (1950). Since the 1951–53 tests were carried out in one location on small plots and applied by a farm crew experienced in experimental procedures, it was desired to test the band placement method more extensively. Tests in 1954–56 were conducted at seven different locations, using different band seeding equipment operated by farmers as well as technically trained personnel. The results of these trials are reported in this paper.