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Annals of the Entomological Society of America 62:2 (March 1969), pp. 323–327.

doi: 10.1093/aesa/62.2.323


Copyright © 1969 Entomological Society of America; published by Oxford University Press. Used by permission.


Western wheat grass, Agropyron smithii, was the plant most frequently ingested by Phoetaliotes nebrascensis (Thomas) in 4 of 5 habitats and was preferred in all. All grasses were eaten to some extent; nonpreferred plants may support populations in otherwise suitable habitats. Most forbs were unattractive but all tested species of Cichoriaceae were acceptable. Plant-finding was by random searching; selection was made only after contact through the mouthparts. While habitats in which preferred hosts were more abundant had higher grasshopper populations, annual changes in grasshopper abundance within a habitat were independent of abundance of primary food plants.

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