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The Canadian Entomologist 100:1 (January 1968), pp. 33–39.

doi: 10.4039/Ent10033-1


Copyright © 1968 Entomological Society of Canada; published by Cambridge University Press. Used by permission.


One parasitic dipterous species and 27 parasitic hymenopterous species were collected. Parasites were primarily collected by mass-rearing host larvae on cut host plant foliage in the laboratory or by rearing larvae on artificial diet. The tachinid Nemorilla pyste (Walk.) and five hymenopterous species, Glypta n. sp. (Ichneumonidae), Campoplex sp. (Ichneumonidae), Agathis acrobasidis (Cushman) (Braconidae), Elasmus atratus How. (Eulophidae), and Catolaccus aeneoviridis Girault (Pteromalidae), were definite parasites, and biological notes are given. Collection data are also given for the other 22 species.

One reduviid predator, Zelus socius Uhler, and six spiders were observed feeding on C. houstonana.