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United States Patent Patent Number: 6,099,834


The invention is directed to compositions which alter the health of invertebrate organisms by affecting eicosanoid mediated immune responses, and methods of using the compositions. The invention provides pharmaceutical com positions and biopesticide compositions. The pharmaceuti cal composition is composed of an effective amount of at least one biologically active agent which enhances or inhib its eicosanoid-mediated immune responses in invertebrate Species and a physiological compatible carrier. The biope Sticide composition is composed of a biopesticidal amount of an inhibitor of eicosanoid-mediated immune responses in invertebrates and a physiologically acceptable carrier. The pharmaceutical compositions are useful to treat invertebrate Species to enhance or inhibit immune responses. The bio pesticide composition is useful to control the growth of or eradicate invertebrate pests. Methods are provided for deter mining which and what amounts of the biologically active agents are useful in the composition.

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