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Bertsch, B., Hemstra, J. and Golick, D. 2020. Preparing to Cocreate: Using Learning Circles to Ready Extension Professionals for Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement. Journal of Extension, v58 (3), Feature v58-3a1. https://joe.org/joe/2020june/a1.php


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Extension professionals are being asked to address complex public issues. Doing so requires cocreativeapproaches that engage, in a significant way, the people affected by these issues. Successful engagement,however, requires specific skills and a cocreative mind-set. Extension professionals in two states participatedin learning circles to improve their engagement skills. Using a survey and interviews, we studied the impact ofthe learning circle experience on participants. We found that learning circles helped participants practicecolearning, build relationships, and change their mind-sets in ways that could move their work toward morecocreative efforts.