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E. A. Heinrichs, P. K. Pathak. 1982. Resistance to the rice gall midge Orseolia oryzae in rice. Unpublished manuscript, 37 pages


Copyright (c) 1982 E. A. Heinrichs


Orseolia oryzae, the rice gall midge is a major pest of rice in many areas of tropical Asia and is becoming an important pest in Africa. A chronological review of the progress made in various national programs on varietal resistance, sources of resistance and breeding for resistance is given. Many resistant varieties have been identified and have been utilized in breeding programs to develop high yielding varieties with multiple resistance to the gall midge and other insect pests and diseases. Mechanisms and inheritance of resistance in rice varieties are discussed. Rice varieties resistant in various countries and sources of resistance used in breeding programs are listed. Biotype variations in different countries and within the countries are revealed and a preliminary classification of gall midge biotypes based on varietal reactions is proposed.

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