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E. A. Heinrichs. 1972. End of Tour Report. University of Tennessee-USAID Agricultural Production Program, Mysore State, April 1972, 9 pages.


The opportunity to spend two years in Mysore (March 1970 to April 1972) working with various individuals involved in plant protection has been personally a rewarding and satisfying experience.

In general terms, the purpose of the Plant Protection Advisor was to identify the problems relating to plant protection which limit the spread and production of high yielding varieties and to assist in solving these problems .. The following Operational Work Plan, which was written by my predecessor, was followed and added to in order to achieve the overall objectives: 1. To promote widespread adoption of recommended plant protection practices. 2. To assist in planning and conducting training sessions for all field plant protection staff. 3. To assist in the identification of problems' in plant protection and stimulate needed research to find solutions. 4. To demonstrate the feasibility of placing Plant Protection Officers in each State division to make periodic surveys and reports on the current state of pests and diseases. 5. To assist in conducting demonstrations on the latest plant protection equipment available for use in Mysore State. 6. To assist in research to control the shoot fly on hybrid jowar. 7. To assist in the development of systems for use in government godowns and by cultivators iIi the control of stored grain insects and rodents. 8. To assist in the establishment of a research program to provide more effective pest control recommendations for the high-yielding varieties.

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