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International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). 1981. Reactions of differential varieties to the rice gall midge Orseolia oryzae in Asia. Report of an international collaborative research project. IRRI, Los Baños, Philippines. IRRI Research Paper Series No. 61, 14 pages, May 1981.


(c) International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) 1981.


Varieties and breeding lines known to be resistant to the gall midge in some areas of Asia were tested in China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand from 1977- 1980. Differential reactions were evident, indicating variations in the virulence of gall midge populations in the various countries. Eswarakora derivatives were resistant in Thailand but susceptible in Indonesia; Leuang 152 was resistant in Indonesia but susceptible in Thailand. In India, Eswarakora derivatives were susceptible in Orissa but resistant in Andhra Pradesh. The Leuang 152 and Ob 677 groups were resistant at all test sites except in Thailand and Bihar, India.

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