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Korean J. Plant Port. 25(2) : 107-112 (1986)



Species of pathogens and insects associated with grain discoloration in the Philippines were identified. Leptocorisa oratorius was the most dominant insect species causing discoloration. Pathogenicity tests of fungal organisms isolated from discolored grains showed that Drechslera oryzae, Curvularia lunata, Trichoconiella padwickii, Sarocladium oryzae, Alternaria tenuis, and Fusarium solani were the common pathogens responsible for "dirty panicle" disease of rice. Discoloration incidence was higher on treatment when both pests were present than when they occurred singly. The discoloration severity was attributed to the pathogens whereas rice bug caused a high decrease in grain weight and unfilled grains. Rice bug feeding on grains enhances the infection caused by the pathogen. Due to this, the quantity and quality of grains produced were affected, resulting in yield reduction.

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