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E. A. Heinrichs, Ellis Matheny. 1970. Sod webworm (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae: Crambinae) moths collected in light traps. Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science 45 (2): 61-64.


Thirteen species of sod webworm moths were collected during 1968. Distinct differences in fijght dates occurred among the species. Trap data indicated that seven species were univoltine while six were most likely multivoltine.

Sod webworm species collected as adults in light traps from May to October: Pediasia trisecta, P mutabilis, Chrysoteuchia topiaria, Agriphila vulgivagella, A. ruricolella, Microcrambus elegans, Argyria nivalis, Crambus alboclavellus, C. praefectellus, C. laquetellus, C. leachellus, C. satrapellus

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