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Florida Entomologist 76(1), March 1993, pp. 114-119.


Copyright Jack Schuster.


Xylopassaloides, endemic to northern Mesoamerica, includes mid- to high-altitude, cloud forest species. Some species' distribution patterns are similar to those of certain species of Ogyges. Two new species of Xylopassaloides are described and the description of a third species is clarified. A key to the genus is given.

Xylopassaloides, endemico del norte de Mesoamerica, incluye especies del bosque nebular de altitudes medias y altas. Algunas especies poseen un patr6n de distribuci6n semejante al de ciertas especies de Ogyges. Se describen 2 especies nuevas de Xylopassaloides y se clarifica una tercera. Se presenta una clave para distinguir las especies dentro del genero.