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The Coleopterists Bulletin, 37(4):299-301. 1983.


Copyright Jack Schuster.


The single specimen of Passalidae known from the Galapagos Is. (Chatham Is.), formerly identified as Passalus interruptus (L.), is really P. punctiger Lepeletier and Serville. It is a slightly teneral female. Its length is closer to that of Guatemalan Pacific coast specimens of P. punctiger than to that of P. punctiger specimens from South American countries bordering the Pacific.

El 'unico especimen de Passalidae conocido de las Islas Galapagos (Chatham Is.), anteriormente determinado como Passalus interruptus (L.), en verdad es P. punctiger Lepeletier y Serville. Es una hembra y es un poco teneral. Su largo corporal es mas parecido a el de especimenes de P. punctiger de la costa pacifica de Guatemala que a el de especimenes de P. punctiger de paises sudamericanas de la costa pacifica.