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Published in The Florida Entomologist, Vol. 70, No. 1 (Mar., 1987), pp. 181-182.


A number of phorid flies are known to parasitize various life stages of bees and wasps, including reproductives (Kistner 1982). Several genera of phorids are known or assumed to be parasitic on worker ants but not on reproductives (Borgmeier 1963; Borgmeier and Prado 1975). Williams (1980) summarized the known data on phorids attacking and parasitizing fire ants sens. str., Solenopsis (Solenopsis) spp., in South America. To date, only one species is definitely known to parasitize fire ant workers, although other species are assumed to be parasitic on fire ants (Williams 1980). None of these species are present in the United States (Borgmeier 1963).

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