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June 2005


Created and maintained by Andrew B. T. Smith, who would like to thank the following contributors who compiled lists of new scarab literature from their part of the world.
Alberto Ballerio - not only got the list going but is the coordinator of the contributers and a contributer himself for Italy, Italian and French Switzerland, Malta, and many individual journals.
Ales Bezdek and David Kral - Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary; Tristão Branco - Portugal; Marek Bunalski - Poland; Mattias Forshage - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland; Andrew Frolov - Russia; Vasily Grebennikov - sub-Saharan Africa; Jean-Bernard Huchet - France; Darren J. Mann - United Kingdom; Estefanía Micó - Spain; Liza Miller - Australia and New Zealand; José Luis Navarrete-Heredia - México; Paul Schoolmeesters - Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands; Eva Sprecher -Uebersax - German Switzerland; Fernando Vaz-de-Mello - South America (especially Brasil).

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