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August 2007


Published in Insecta Mundi 0009: 1-9. Copyright © 2004 P. Skelley. Used by permission.


Three distinct tibial types are recognized within the Rhyparini (Scarabaeidae, Aphodiinae). Based on this, generic limits for the species of Termitodius Wasmann are reevaluated, with the Old World members being transferred to Termitodiellus Nakane. The resulting new combinations are: Termitodiellus besucheti (Paulian), Termitodiellus hammondi (Krikken and Huijbregts), Termitodiellus interruptus (Krikken and Huijbregts), Termitodiellus luzonensis (Howden), Termitodiellus monticola (Krikken and Huijbregts). New World members of Termitodius are split into two genera: Termitodius Wasmann and Aschnarhyparus Makhan. Aschnarhyparus soesilae Makhan is here relegated to a junior synonym of Termitodius peregrinus Hinton, new synonymy, with the resulting new combination being Aschnarhyparus peregrinus (Hinton). A full description of Aschnarhyparus is presented, and Termitodiellus and Termitodius are diagnosed.

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