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November 2006


Published in Coleopterists Society Monograph Number 5:35–46. 2006. Copyright © 2006 A. Smith, D. Hawks, and J. Heraty. Used by permission.


We present a preliminary overview of our molecular phylogenetics research on the superfamily Scarabaeoidea. The molecular data consists of 28S ribosomal DNA sequences (mainly D2 and D3 expansion regions) for over 600 taxa and 18S ribosomal DNA sequences (mainly E17 to E35 expansion regions) for over 150 representative taxa within the lineages sampled. Based on our preliminary molecular phylogenetic results, Scarabaeoidea includes three major groups: 1) Geotrupidae, Passalidae, and Pleocomidae; 2) Lucanidae, Diphyllostomatidae, Trogidae, and Glaresidae; and 3) Hybosoridae, Ochodaeidae, Glaphyridae, and Scarabaeidae. The broad evolutionary patterns within the Scarabaeoidea are discussed with respect to phylogeny and evolution.

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