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January 2001


Published in Journal of Natural History 35:2 (January 2001), pp. 169–173; doi 10.1080/00222930150215305
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The genus Renilla is an interesting taxon for phylogenetic studies, which includes six species endemic to America with an anphiamerican distribution (Pacific–Atlantic Ocean). A cladistic analysis of Renilla Lamarck, 1816 using eight characters from external morphology produced one cladogram (length 14, CI = 0.92, RI = 0.87), and the characters were polarized using Echinoptilum macintoshii Hubrecht, 1885 as an outgroup. In the cladogram the following phylogenetic sequence results: ((R. koellikeri (R. muelleri, R. musaica)) (R. octodentata (R. reniformis, R. tentaculata))).

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