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March 2001


Published in The Coleopterists Bulletin, 55:1 (2001), pp.103–106. Copyright 2001 Andrew B.T. Smith and Mary Liz Jameson.


Platycoelia bicolor (Gutiérrez) (Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae) is transferred from the tribe Anoplognathini, subtribe Platycoeliina, to the tribe Rutelini. Platycoelia bicolor is placed in the genus Eremophygus Ohaus and the taxonomic history of the species is discussed. The transfer creates a new combination, Eremophygus bicolor (Gutiérrez) and places the generic name Heterocallichloris Gutiérrez as a junior synonym of Eremophygus (new synonymy). Morphological characters that warrant the transfer are discussed.

Se transfiere Platycoelia bicolor (Gutiérrez) (Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae) de la tribu Anoplognathini, subtribe Platycoeliina, a la tribu Rutelini. Se transfiere Platycoelia bicolor al género Eremophygus Ohaus y se discute su historia taxonómica. La transferencia crea una nueva combinación, Eremophygus bicolor (Gutiérrez) y ubica al nombre genérico Heterocallichloris Gutiérrez como un sinónimo junior de Eremophygus. Se discuten los caracteres morfológicos que justifican la transferencia.

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