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March 2006


Published in The Coleopterists Bulletin, 60(1):70–71. 2006. Copyright 2006 Brett C. Ratcliffe.


Increasingly enhanced digital technology keeps raising the bar for quality of entomological publications, and this handsome book sets a new, high standard for scientific illustrations of scarab beetles. Simply put, this book is a thing of functional beauty! I wish that we could all make presentations like this in our scientific publications—how much more exciting our science could be. This Atlas (and it is just that) is the first volume in a proposed three volume set that will deal with the Japanese scarabaeoid fauna. It covers the coprophagous scarabaeoids that occur in Japan (including the Ryukyu Islands): Trogidae, Ceratocanthidae, Bolboceratidae, Geotrupidae, Hybosoridae, Ochodaeidae, and finally Scarabaeinae, Aphodiinae, and Aegialiinae (all Scarabaeidae). A brief introduction (in Japanese) explains ‘‘how’’ the book works, including the ‘‘bar chart’’ representations used for each species to show geographical distribution in Japan, temporal occurrence, and habitat type.

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