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September 2005


Published in Ann. Entomol. Soc. Am. 98(5): 658-672 (2005). Copyright 2005 Mary Liz Jameson and Katharine A. Swoboda. Used by permission.


Two genera and Þve species of valgine scarabs (Cetoniinae: Valgini) are found in the New World, including the introduced European species, Valgus hemipterus L.. Valgus mexicanus Cazier is transferred to the genus Dasyvalgus Kolbe, and characters that support this transfer are discussed. Based on shared morphological characters, Valgus minutus Casey and V. serricollis Fitch are synonymized with V. canaliculatus (Olivier). Neotypes are designated for V. serricollis Fitch and Cetonia canaliculata Olivier.Akey to the genera and species of New World Valgini is provided. Species are redescribed and information about geographic and phenology, biology, and larvae is provided.

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