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February 1990


Published in The Coleopterists Bulletin, 44(4):377-422. 1990. Copyright © 1990 by Mary Liz Jameson. Used by permission.


The North American genus Parabyrsopolis is redefined, and a sister genus, Viridimicus, is established to accommodate those species from southern Mexico to Guatemala previously placed in Cotalpa or Parabyrsopolis. Parabyrsopolis is now monotypic, and four new species (of six) in the genus Viridimicus are described from Mexico: V. cyanochlorus, V. impunctatus, V. ratcliffei,and V. unitus. A key to the species of Viridirnicus, as well as keys to the tribes of Rutelinae, subtribes of Rutelini, and genera of Areodina are presented. Phylogenetic hypotheses (based on cladistic methodology) and biogeographic hypotheses (based on vicariance and dispersal events) for the genera of Areodina and species of Viridimicus are presented.

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