Museum, University of Nebraska State


SOLA Scarab Workers Symposium 2003

Andrew B. T. Smith, University of Nebraska State Museum & Canadian Museum of Nature

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Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting Cincinnati, Ohio. Sunday, 26 October 2003

Introduction. Andrew Smith, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Scarabaeoid higher phylogeny inferred from ribosomal DNA sequence data: Strong evidence for some interesting patterns, and many more questions to pursue. Dave Hawks and John Heraty, University of California - Riverside
Molecular phylogenetics research on phytophagous scarabs: tales of paraphyletic tribes and unanticipated lineages. Andrew Smith, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Pest scarabs of North and Central America. Ron Cave, University of Florida
Lucanid classification: history, problems, and prospects. Matt Paulsen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Oak barrens, pocket gophers, and the scarabaeoids who love them. Nadine Kriska, University of Wisconsin- Madison
A review of the tribes of New World Melolonthinae. Art Evans, Richmond, VA
What’s in and what’s out of the Macrodactylini. Kerry Katovich, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Valgine vicissitudes: an overview of the Valgini of the New World. Mary Liz Jameson and Katie Swoboda, University of Nebraska-Lincoln