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February 1982


Published in The Coleopterists Bulletin, 36(2):352-357. 1982. Copyright © 1982 by Brett C. Ratcliffe. Used by permission.


Strategus verrilli Ratcliffe was rediscovered on Dominica and is here redescribed, and a neotype is designated. A second specimen of Strategus craigi Ratcliffe (from the Huachuca mountains in Arizona) is reported and provides a new country record for this species. A female of S. ajax (Olivier) is reported from the Bahamas. Strategus monguilloni Voirin is reaffirmed as a synonym of S. mandibularis Sternberg, and the correct identification of the female allotype of S. gracilis Endrodi is questioned. Hispanioryctes wittmeri Howden and EndrCidi is reported from Haiti.

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