Museum, University of Nebraska State


SOLA Scarab Workers Symposium 2002

Andrew B. T. Smith, University of Nebraska State Museum & Canadian Museum of Nature

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Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Sunday, 17 November 2002

Introduction. Andrew Smith, University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Megadiversity upon megadiversity: mites and the Scarabaeoidea. Barry OConnor, University of Michigan
Revision, phylogeny, and biogeography of the dung beetle tribe Eucraniini, and evolution of its food relocation behavior: a total evidence analysis. Federico Ocampo, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Launching the Scarabaeinae Research Network. Sacha Spector, American Museum of Natural History
Rockin' and rolling: evolutionary patterns in the sacred scarab and its kin. Keith Philips, Western Kentucky University
The New World Gymnetini (Cetoniinae): an overview of classification and biology. Brett Ratcliffe, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Wisconsin Scarabaeoidea: A faunistic survey for the Great Lakes region. Nadine Kriska, University of Wisconsin
Native and exotic scarabs as pests. Michael Klein, USDA/ARS
An introduction to Florida's sand dune systems and it's unique scarabs. Paul Skelley, Florida State Collection of Arthropods