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February 1983


Published in The Coleopterists Bulletin, 37(3):267-272, 1983. Copyright © 1983 by Brett C. Ratcliffe and Roger-Paul DeChambre. Used by permission.


During the past several years a number of new taxa of Dynastinae have been described which we feel are synonymical with existing taxa. We have also accumulated a small number of new distributional records in the Pentodontini and Oryctini. In this paper we clarify some of these taxonomic "loose ends" by proposing several new synonyms and two new combinations. Dechambre examined the type of Heterogomphus niger Endrodi, and Ratcliffe examined the types of the three Endrodi species of Strategus and Endroedianibe bozzolai Chalumeau. We also list the new distributional records we have found.

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