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February 1985


Published in The Coleopterists Bulletin, 39(4):38 1-389. 1985. Copyright © 1985 by Julius Boos and Brett C. Ratcliffe. Used by permission.


Inca clathrata quesneli is described as a new subspecies from Trinidad, West Indies. New distribution records are given for Inca clathrata sommeri Westwood that extend its range northward in Mexico by approximately 200 km and southward into Colombia and Ecuador in South America west of the Andes. A brief analysis of the historical biogeography of Inca clathrata (Olivier) suggests vicariance (Andean uplift) to explain the separation of the clathrata/sommeri subspecies lineage, and dispersal to explain the separation and isolation of the quesneli lineage on Trinidad and occurrence of sommeri in Mesoamerica.

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