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February 1988


Published in The Coleopterists Bulletin, 42(1):43-55. 1988. Copyright © 1988 by Brett C. Ratcliffe. Used by permission.


Seven new species are described: Amblyoproctus boondocksius (Brazil), Eophileurus tetraspermexitus (Burma), Hemiphileurus insularis (Brazil), H. jarnesonae (Panama), Palaeophileurus brasiliensis (Brazil), P. marcusoni (Brazil), and Phileurus youngi (Panama). New distribution records are given for Arnblyoproctus piliger (Perty), A. torulosus Kolbe, Archophileurus elatus Prell, Goniophileurus femoratus Burmeister, Hemiphileurus punctatostriatus Prell, Phileurm valgus (Olivier), and Planophileurus planicollis (Chevrolat).

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