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February 1991


Published in THE COLEOPTERISTS BULLETIN 45(1), 1991. Copyright © 1991 by Brett C. Ratcliffe. Used by permission.


Depending on the audience, the Sciences Nat series on beetles of the world is either warmly embraced for its beautiful photography "enabling" picture identifications or rejected because of its simplistic approach to complex taxonomic issues. Moron, operating under a narrow set of editorial guidelines (e.g., no keys), has done a remarkably good job at bridging this gap with his treatment of Pelidnotina. The result is not only a beautiful book (as most in this series are), but one that is also scientifically credible. Given that any revision of Plusiotis deserved a color rendition, and that the Sciences Nat series is the only outlet for extensive color work dealing with beetles, it becomes evident why the two came together to produce this volume.

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