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January 1969


Published in the Coleopterist’s Bulletin. Copyright © 1969 by Brett C. Ratcliffe and Robert J. Luedtke. Used by permission.


As an extension of the silphid research by the senior author, an experiment was conducted to ascertain the differences, if any, in silphid species that would be attracted by placing covered and uncovered animal carcasses in the field. A review of the literature indicated that nothing has been published in this regard.

In eastern Nebraska silphids are very active in the spring, their numbers being greater at this time of year than at any other. University of Nebraska Entomology Museum records show that 14 species have been taken in Lancaster County.

Two tests were conducted at Steven's Creek, three miles east of Lincoln, Lancaster Co., Nebraska. This area was selected because silphids were frequently found there in 1968. The habitat of the vicinity consists of gently rolling farm land with small wooded areas and windbreaks throughout the area; trees are found along the streams. The weather during the study period was warm and sunny with a few night showers.

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