Environmental Studies Program


Date of this Version

Spring 5-2013


The Stevens Creek watershed borders the eastern side of the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. The study site for this investigation is located near the intersection of the Murdock recreation trail bridge and the Stevens Creek waterway. This research examined the causes and effects of streambank erosion within approximately 75 meters upstream and downstream of the Murdock Trail bridge-Stevens Creek intersection. The investigation utilized extensive photographic evidence, field observations, and some water and soil sampling to qualitatively determine that the extent of streambank erosion within the given study site is occurring at an accelerated rate, likely as a result of increased commercial and residential development in areas adjacent upstream from the study site. The importance of conducting this case study was to determine how detrimental sediment and pollutant load can be on the overall ecological health and characteristics of Stevens Creek. Furthermore, this inquiry about causes and effects of streambank erosion along Stevens Creek will likely shed light on new and already existing best management practices (BMPs) that will aim to reduce erosion and thus improving the vivacity and health of Stevens Creek, as well as effluent streams into which Stevens Creek drains.