Environmental Studies Program


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Fall 2016


Environmental Studies Undergraduate Student Thesis, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2016


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The study of water comes in many different shapes and sizes, as well as many different situations and with many different perceptions across the globe. This meta-analysis will be focused on reservations in the state of Nebraska as compared to issues in other states. As we hear more and more about unrest and unjust of some other places in America in the news we must remember that water is essential to ALL life on the Earth near and far and we should be aware of the state of the water we drink daily. In this frame of mind, let it be known that the Indigenous tribes of the United States and around the world, have always felt a personal connection to the Earth and their environment. That’s not to say that other people do not believe in this way, but simply, it is engrained in the indigenous at a very young age and is the basis for many of the spiritual beliefs and practices that were passed down over a millennium. This study does reflect some of the damage done to water on other reservations in America, but was comparatively brought down to a local level in Nebraska. All the problems of the U.S reservation system is a potentially huge undertaking that is not proper for an undergrad thesis. Nebraska reservation deserve to have a voice in this discussion as well, and I would love to initiate that discussion.