Environmental Studies Program


Date of this Version

Spring 5-2019


The purpose of this study is to research the feasibility of implementing more green roofs around The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s campuses. To do this investigation a systematic literature review process was used gathering multiple relevant, peer reviewed articles from UNL’s “Encore” search engine. The data was then organized into categories that described the necessary considerations that needed to be made to retrofit green roofs, information on their many benefits, and finally the potential energy cost savings that can be obtained through use of a green roof. From here a proposal for a model green roof on top of UNL’s Hardin Hall building was created that UNL can utilize and adapt to retrofit green roofs around campus. It was found that this model roof would only cost $10.25 per square foot to build which is lower than the $14.50-$18.50 UNL typically spends per square foot to reroof its buildings. UNL could also benefit from seeing utility costs decrease as green roofs are able to reduce the amount of cool air lost from buildings in the summer and the amount of warm air lost form buildings in the winter. UNL can be leaders in green roof research, which will become increasingly important as global climate change becomes more severe and there is increased stress on buildings’ heating and cooling systems. Green roofs also have the ability to reduce the urban heat island effect in cities, which will be important as urban expansion continues.