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Environmental Studies Undergraduate Student Thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2020.


Copyright 2020 Nathan Zach


This is a research paper that analyzes data collected during a waste audit on two buildings located on the city campus of UNL. Two academic buildings known as Bessey Hall and Burnett Hall were audited for four days during two separate weeks. The total trash collected for each day was searched through and the actual waste was separated from the material that could have been recycled to see how much recyclable material was wasted each day in the building. This data collected will show the rate at which recyclable material is being thrown away. At the conclusion of the audit, the total amount of recyclable material was weighed and then recycled materials were sorted and weighed in different categories of plastic, paper, cardboard, and aluminum to see what type of recyclable material was thrown away the most. Waste amounts and recycling material amounts were compared for each building.