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Shane Vrbicky

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Environmental Studies Undergraduate Student Thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2023


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“Passion” is an elusive idea - a simple word invented by man - able to depict vastly different realities and meanings dependent entirely on the user. Highly influential in nature, the simple thought of a passion within human beings can evoke a wide spectrum of strong emotions from pure joy and satisfaction to utter desperation and dread. Sometimes people have never known a life without their passion, guided by a headstrong feeling towards a path they have always dreamed of. Sometimes people can never seem to find passion, not knowing where to look and yet constantly chasing after it. Sometimes people ignore passion completely, resisting the intrinsic pull it supplies and choosing to instead value other pursuits. Yet, what makes passion such an elusive and influential idea? What does it mean? Furthermore, how can individuals utilize the idea of passion to motivate themselves down a life path that suits them? For my Senior Thesis, I seek to answer these questions through the lens of environmental students attending the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL).