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Fall 12-2010


An Undergraduate Thesis Presented to the Faculty of The Environmental Studies Program at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln In Fulfillment of Requirements College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Major: Environmental Studies, Emphasis: Natural Resources, Thesis Adviser: Dr. David Harwood; December 2010
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My thesis research project deals with the use of geothermal heat in Antarctica. Currently it is not allowed due to article 7 of the 1991 Protocol on Environmental Protection that placed a 50 moratorium on the exploitation of mineral resources. The US main base in Antarctica, McMurdo Station is currently powered by diesel generators that are inefficient, cause environmental damage, and is expensive to run. By exploring alternative energy options, McMurdo Station can reduce its dependence on non-renewable energy sources. By determining the geothermal potential of McMurdo Station, this project explores the possibilities and benefits that would occur with the utilization of geothermal heat at McMurdo Station.