Environmental Studies Program


Date of this Version

Fall 12-2011


A survey for amphibians and reptiles was conducted in March through October 2011 at Yankee Hill Wildlife Management Area in Lancaster County, Nebraska. The survey was conducted using several different techniques including: visual and auditory encounters, artificial and natural cover objects, aquatic trappings and road surveys. A total of 145 individuals representing 12 species were identified including seven reptiles and five amphibians. A total of 48% of the species that may potentially occur on the site were encountered, all of which are common, widely distributed generalist species. Neither Graham’s Crayfish Snake nor the Massasauga, both target species for this survey, was found. Based on the mediocre species assemblage, low diversity, and disturbed conditions of the site in part due to recent lake renovations, Yankee Hill State Lake and WMA likely holds little importance for amphibian and reptile conservation in its present condition.