Environmental Studies Program


Date of this Version

Fall 12-2011


The focus of my study was deer damage that occurred to crops and trees in Northeast Nebraska, around Wisner in Cuming County. I collected data from corn fields and harvest yields to determine the monetary losses landowners receive to deer damage. The damage can be anywhere from minimal to significant and affects each person differently. I study used test plots to collect data for an average damage per acre, and variable-sized plots to accurately estimate the level of damage occurred. I also incorporated data from tree nurseries to estimate the damage tree farmers and landowners would have when planting new trees. The results were varied in the corn fields, but the closer to the rivers and wooded habitat, the greater amount of damage occurred to the fields. The fields closest to the river and wooded habitat had the most damage with nearly 8% loss and 100% loss in total yield. The fields further away from the river and wooded habitat received far less damage, 0% loss and 3.5% loss in the total yield.