Environmental Studies Program


The Fate of a Grape: A Nebraska Persepctive

Callan Emanuel, University of Nebraska at Lincoln


Wine is an ancient drink that is still thoroughly enjoyed today. For thousands of years people across the world have enjoyed this beverage, and still today it is a popular choice among many as the industry continues to grow. The history of wine is very complex and the wine we drink today has come a long ways from its ancient beginnings. Despite all the changes it has gone through, there is no doubt that wine will continue to develop as technology improves and winemakers are able to control the once uncontrollable and experiment with innumerable alternatives within its composition.

With so many famous wine regions scattered across European countries it is hard to imagine wine being produced anywhere else. But the remarkable thing about wine is the variety of flavors that can be created through diverse physiographic, geologic, and climatic characteristics. This means that states like Nebraska can produce their own wines that are uniquely their own. With more than 200 vineyards and over a dozen wineries in the state it shows that Nebraska is capable of supporting a local wine industry. Drawing from the success and challenges of Nebraska vineyards, this thesis identifies what is needed to start a successful vineyard in Nebraska.