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Introduction copyright 1998 by Reiner Smolinski.


I. Some Accounts of the Grievous Molestations, by DÆMONS and WITCHCRAFTS, which have lately annoy’d the Countrey; and the Trials of some eminent Malefactors Executed upon occasion thereof; with several Remarkable Curiosities therein occurring.
II. Some Counsils, Directing a due Improvement of the terrible things, lately done, by the Unusual & Amazing Range of EVIL SPIRITS, in Our Neighbourhood: & the methods to prevent the Wrongs which those Evil Angels may intend against all sorts of people among us; especially in Accusations of the Innocent.
III. Some Conjectures upon the great EVENTS, likely to befall, the WORLD in General, and NEW-ENGLAND in Particular; as also upon the Advances of the TIME, when we shall see BETTER DAYES.
IV. A short Narrative of a late Outrage committed by a knot of WITCHES in Swedeland, very much Resembling, and so far Explaining, That under which our parts of America have laboured!
V. THE DEVIL DISCOVERED: In a Brief Discourse upon the TEMPTATIONS, which are the more Ordinary Devices of the Wicked One.

An online electronic edition, based on the Boston first edition of 1693, of Mather's classic and popular work on witchcraft and the Salem trials of 1692-93. Edited, with an introduction, by Reiner Smolinski.