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Frank Moss

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BOSTON: The Stratford Co., Publishers, 1919
LC Classification: E179 .M9
Moss, Frank, 1860-1920.


America's divinely-ordained mission is to serve humanity; Germany's ruler-imposed mission was to dominate mankind. America's galaxy of prophets culminates in the president, whose voice is heard throughout the earth; Germany's line of prophets crashes to ruin in the kaiser; "Deutchland ueber alles" has become a dirge, but rescued peoples are singing "Sweet land of liberty."

This address shows that a continuous voice of prophecy has rung out from American leaders, from the nation's beginning to the present time, proclaiming the mission of America to Humanity, -- culminating in the tremendous movement of 1918-19, when she undertakes to save democracy, and to deliver the world from autocracy and the rule of force. It shows that the prophecy has come out of the consciousness of the people.

The position of the United States to-day, is founded solidly on the teachings of the fathers and follows a consistent and continuous instinctive belief, -- never absent from the people, -- that a divine charge rests upon the nation, to safeguard liberty for the world. Since this address was placed in the printer's hands, Germany has surrendered and a crisis has arisen in her internal life. The spirit of democracy, long suppressed, is bursting up as kaiser and kinglets flee. The opportunity and the duty of America are deepened and increased, and there is more need now than in the days of fighting, for clear understanding of the nature, and the greatness of America's mission of service to humanity. Hers will be the privilege and the duty in the difficult days ahead in the councils of the nations, to secure peace forever and to make certain the everlasting triumph of the principles of true democracy throughout the earth.