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Read before the Society February 1, 1875. Published in PAPERS OF THE NEW HAVEN COLONY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, vol. II (1877), pp. 205-238.


SOME three or four years ago, I was invited to prepare for this Society a list of the writings of the founders of the New Haven Colony, John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton, with the understanding that if material throwing new light on their characters should be found, the Rev. Dr. Bacon would sum up the results. In fulfilling, in part, my share of the undertaking, I find at the outset this embarrassment, that if I limit myself to the mere titles and dates of Davenport's writings, nothing can excuse the tediousness of the enumeration: on the other hand, I am precluded from encroaching on the province of another paper which is to follow. I shall endeavor to confine myself to a chronological outline of facts, with such explanations as are needed at the distance of two centuries; and I am well aware that the bare outline may disappoint, both those whose lack of knowledge will lead them to expect too much, and those who know the story already, and who know that interesting material cannot be manufactured to order.

Depositor's note: This is still the most complete published biography of John Davenport (1597-1670); it runs 29 pages, plus a bibliography of his works.