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PRESENTED BY The Netherland Chamber of Commerce in America ON OCCASION OF The Hudson-Fulton Celebration in New York SEPTEMBER 25TH TO OCTOBER 9TH 1909


Directors of the Chamber
Constitution of the Chamber
Contract with Henry Hudson (Original text)
Contract with Henry Hudson (English Translation)

The Dutch in New Netherland and the United States -- pp. 19-73

Exploration of the Hudson in 1609
Fur traders 1609-1612
Block's exploration of Long Island Sound and formation of the United New Netherland Company
Chartering of the West India Co. in 1621
First settlers arrived under leadership of Jesse de Forest
Claims of Holland and England
Captain May, first head of the Colony
Pieter Minuit, first Governor
Erection of Fort Amsterdam
Patroons and the Act of Privileges and Exemptions
Settlement of Rensselaerwyk
Wouter van Twiller, second Governor and arrival of the first garrison
Origin of Governor's Island
Troubles with the English in Connecticut
Governor Kieft and the Indian Wars
Bronk's Treaty
Pieter Stuyvesant appointed Governor
Religious intolerance of the Governor
The patroons and the Governor
The capture of New Sweden
Fall of New Netherland
Anton van Korlaer and Spuyten Duyvel
Recapture by the Dutch
New Netherland exchanged for Surinam
The Dutch and English people and representative Government
Religious freedom and Public Schools
The Church and the Dutch Domines
The Democratic Dutch
Troubles of the housewives
The remaining years of Stuyvesant
The Dutch under English rule
King James II. dethroned
The Jacob Leisler episode
Leisler and his son-in-law executed
Destruction of Schenectady
Captain Kidd
Mutual friendship of the Dutch and English people
The Dutch during the Revolutionary War
Support from Holland
The Dutch language ceases to be spoken in America
The Dutch Reformed Church

Holland Land Company
Emigration under the rule of King William I.
Settlers in Iowa under Domine Scholte
Michigan and Chicago
Fruit growers in California
Paterson, N. J.
Sayville, L. I.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Extradition treaty made in 1872
Holland America Line
West India Mail
Holland newspapers in America
Conditions in New York City
Professionals as emigrants
Eendracht Maakt Macht
The Netherland Chamber of Commerce in America
The Netherland Club of America
The Netherland Benevolent Society of New York
Our Consul-General
Advice to newcomers