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Wonder-Working Providence of Sions Saviour in New England 1628-1651, ed. J. Franklin Jameson (New York: Charles Scribners’ Sons, 1910)


Late in the year 1653, but under date of 1654, Nathaniel Brooke, a London publisher, "at the Angel in Cornhill," brought out a small octavo book of two hundred and thirty-six pages, entitled A History of New-England, from the English planting in the Yeere 1628 untill the Yeere 1652, etc. The title, inexact in any case, for the book is rather a history of Massachusetts than of all New England, was evidently affixed by the publisher. His advertisements show that at one time he thought of giving the book the title Historicall Relation of the First Planting of the English in New England in the Year 1628 to the Year 1653 and all the Materiall Passages happening there. But many reiterations in the text of the book show that the author's own title for his production was that which appears in the running headlines of the printed book, and by which it has been generally known, The Wonder-working Providence of Sion's Saviour in New England. The author's name nowhere appears in the book.