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With Notes and Biographical Sketch by Lucullus Virgil McWhorter.

Online edition prepared by Dr. Susan Kalter of Illinois State University.


Originally published in Boston by The Four Seas Company Publishers Copyright, 1927, by The Four Seas Company (for Hum-ishu-ma) Copyright registered in December 1927, no record of renewal found


Described as “a work of Indigenous empowerment,” this novel was completed in 1912 but remained unpublished until 1927. It begins:

It was sunset on the river Pend d’Oreille. The last rays of the day-God, glinting through the tangled vines screening the great porch of the homestead of the Horseshoe Brand Ranch, fell upon a face of rare type. The features were rather prominent and well de-fined. The rich olive complexion, the grave, pensive countenance, proclaimed a proud descent from the only true American—the Indian. Of mixed blood, was Cogewea; a “breed”!—the socially ostracized of two races. Her eyes of the deepest jet, sparkled, when under excitement, like the ruby’s fire. Hair of the same hue was as lustrous as the raven’s wing, falling when loose, in great billowy folds, enveloping her entire form. Her voice was low and musical, with a laugh to madden the gods.