Eastern Wildlife Damage Control Conferences


Date of this Version

October 1987


The private sector has been involved in certain aspects of nuisance wildlife control for some time. Examples include commensal rodent control by pest control companies, capture of nuisance furbearers by trappers, and repair of structural damage by carpenters. Social trends, such as increased urbanization, increased population of certain wildlife species, and decreased government funding have combined to provide increased opportunity and need for the private sector in nuisance wildlife control.

Critter Control, Inc. has sought to bring an integrated and specialized approach to nuisance wildlife control. Our general approach includes consultation on the nature of the nuisance situation, removal of nuisance animals and habitat modification.

Initial interaction with clients functions not only to elucidate the nature of -the problem but to educate the client on the animal involved. Occasionally, little or no control is needed, just an understanding of the situation. When we remove raccoons from chimneys, frequently an audience, complete with cameras, gathers to watch the operation. Such episodes are excellent opportunities to promote positive attitudes toward wild animals and their conservation. With increasing concern over the rate of species extinction, any opportunity to promote conservation should be taken advantage of.