Eastern Wildlife Damage Control Conferences


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October 1987

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This report represents a summary of information derived from responses to mail questionnaires from the state wildlife agencies in 16 northern states extending from Maine to Minnesota with minor modifications by the author where experience deemed it feasible.

Coyotes-historically present in prairie regions of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan- have extended their range eastward to the Atlantic Ocean and are now present throughout most of the northeastern states with the exception of Delaware and the major metropolitan areas of Philadelphia and New York City. Of the eastern states only New York has suggested that their population may have arisen from original stock. Some range expansion continues in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Estimated statewide populations are highest in Minnesota (40,000), Michigan (25,000), Wisconsin (14,000) and Illinois (12,500) where highest densities are 100/100 mi2. Highest densities in the eastern portion of the region are in Maine (55/100 mi2), New York (40/100 mi2) and Vermont (10 family units/ 100 mi) with the highest numbers in Maine (12,000) and New York (10,000).