Eastern Wildlife Damage Control Conferences


Date of this Version

February 1991


West Virginia University has offered a formal wildlife damage course in each of the last 2 years (1990 and 1991). Prior to offering the formal course in 1990, the topic of wildlife damage was presented as one section of 2 different courses: Introduction to Wildlife Management (for nonwildlife majors), and Principles of Wildlife Management (a senior-level course required for wildlife majors).

The current wildlife damage course involves 2 1-hour lectures per week and students receive 2 semester credit hours upon completion. Two class periods per semester are devoted to field exercises, involving demonstration of damage control equipment and investigation of wildlife damage. The course will be offered again in 1992 and in subsequent years. A 2-3 hour laboratory session will be added to the course in the near future, and course credit will be increased to 3 semester hours.

Fourteen students enrolled in the course the first time it was offered in 1990, and enrollment increased to 22 students in 1991. It is anticipated that enrollment will increase to at least 30 students the next time it is offered. Enrollment has included students majoring in several disciplines, including animal science, biology, forest management, parks and recreation, and wildlife management.